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Our patent

Neurogenics is an innovator in the development and application of natural cacao flavanols, complex chemicals and the dense nutrients found in cacao beans. The company technology will change and disrupt the perception of the confectionery use and application of cocoa and the functional perception of chocolate. The implications are far ranging, from the food industry to the cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

Our unique process does not only focus on the high levels of Flavanols contained in our products. We place equal importance on the levels of Theobromine, Caffeine and the high content of dense minerals, nutrients, fibres and active probiotics preserved by our process. This is one of the key differentiator’s from our competitors. This process has now been patented in the UK [patent number GB1513810.0].

The company has now applied for a US Patent and in in the process of submitting a number of European patents applications.
We are now working on our second patent and its submission.