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What are we doing?

We have developed a powerful natural science based on the botanical components of pure cacao. We have created a range of traceable organic raw materials from the harvested bean to the branded natural product targeting three areas: cardio-vascular, bronchial and neuroprotection.

We are taking our Intellectual Property [IP] strategy forward through the development of our innovation ladder. Vertically we will apply the CPI’s formulation and extraction expertise to build on our base line patented technology and to develop more innovative IP. Using Nano technology and non- solvent extraction techniques as a delivery platform we will build a portfolio of innovative and unique natural health products unlike any other.

From the base line we will go vertically backwards to our single source supply base. This will allow us to identify more potent species of cacao and enable us to analyse and categorise their natural genetic components. This will give us a clear pathway from bean to mouth. This categorisation will ensure a quality chain linked to potent natural products clearly supported by scientific data to drive the efficacy of our products and their brands focusing on consistent properties for use in natural medical and therapeutic use.

Our ultimate goal is to provide affordable natural products driven by scientific data and proof.